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  • software development best practices

    Software Development Best Practices You Can Adopt

    Due to the growing demand of software application development, architects and developers who can build large projects are more required each time. For that reason, here are some of the best software development best practices you can adopt. If you’re a beginner, the best advice is to simply learn your language, frameworks, and tools top

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  • Software Architecture Issues and Challenges

    Main Software Architecture Issues and Challenges

    Software architecture was born with the inception of software engineering.  In the 60’s when systems where “small” there wasn’t a necessity to understand designs and communicate them to others. But even though these systems were somewhat basic, they rapidly grew and their complexity required a more structured design. This is when architectural level descriptions started

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  • what is software architecture?

    What is software architecture?

    Software architecture is the process of creating a high level structure for any software project. This should be based around the requirements of what we want the system to do, resulting in the guidelines meant to be used in the actual development process. During our years of experience with our software architecture consulting service, we

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