WordPress Web Development

CMS platform in PHP used to create any type of website

WordPress is an open source, powerful Content Management System (CMS) bsaed on PHP and mySQL. WordPress is built on a plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress is a widely used platform for websites that go from simple blogs to more complex e-commerce sites.

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Wordpress Web Development

WordPress is a popular CMS platform used to create a wide array of websites.

WordPress has a large amount of free plugins that can be used for different purposes and are regularly maintained. Also, there are some paid plugins that can be purchased to extend even more the functionality of your WordPress site. Most of these plugins and the WordPress core are regularly updated to protect the site against new vulnerabilities and to gradually increase available functionality.

WordPress is a popular CMS platform used
to create a wide array of websites.


You can choose to have the set of WordPress files, which is the back of what your blog shows, in the same directory or in a different directory.


WordPress allows you to set the time as a difference of Coordinated Universal Time, so that all the elements related to time (time and date of comments, for example) are saved with the GMT time, which is a universal standard.


You can save bandwidth by activating the gzip compression option in the WordPress options.


WordPress, to limit access to sensitive parts, uses the user level system; so it can restrict the ability of individual users to create or modify content in their blog, changing their user levels.


Each registered user of your blog can define a profile, with details such as their email address, instant messaging accounts, etc., if they wish to make it public. Users can also control the way their information is displayed in the blog.


The WordPress installation takes 5 minutes and cannot be defeated for its simplicity and ease of use. Updating your blog to the latest version is also simple, and should take less time than installation.


It is not necessary to rebuild all your pages each time you update your blog, or change any detail of it. All pages are generated by using the database and templates every time your blog is requested by a viewer.


Now you can create a blog, whose messages (and some topics) are translated. WordPress uses the gettext method to make translation a very easy process to perform and install.

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