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    Jerry Goldberg

    Kambda has never let us down in terms of reliability or technical prowess in helping us deliver software. Their attitude, competence, and ability to c...

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  • podkeeper logo

    Steven Sacks

    The decision to partner with Kambda to further build out our company’s technology was the best decision we’ve ever made. Emilio and team a...

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  • Laura Zeledón

    There are very important factors to be noted before working with outsourcing services and some of the most important are professionalism, trust and go...

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  • Matt Pressnall

    Kambda has been incredible to work with at expanding my development resources. Their web development is first rate and I say that having done web deve...

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  • Warren Weiss

    Kambda helped me create a website for my real estate business. I was blown away with how incredible the website turned out. During the process, I adde...

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  • Jeffrey Weiss

    We have been extremely satisfied with Kambda. They assembled an experienced team that worked efficiently and seamlessly with our staff to quickly impl...

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  • find_logo

    Richard Morrell

    Kambda has done an incredible job handling our server migration and building a new prototype for our website.  They have exceeded our expectations fo...

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  • performance_point_logo_vF

    Jonathan Blount

    We needed a little extra help to make our goals of reworking our old   website a reality. We were recommended Kambda, and decided to reach out.  The...

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  • performance_point_logo_vF

    Sam Galphin

    Kambda’s work on our sophisticated web application was on time, on budget, and well supported throughout the deployment process.  Of equal impo...

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  • twelve_springs_logo

    Mike Miklavic

    Kambda was great to work with, great communication and very high quality.  We worked with their Ruby on Rails developers and were very happy.

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    Harry Kerasidis

    Kambda has been a pivotal component of our team and I cannot say enough good things about them. My company is an entirely web based SaaS company I des...

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  • Jeff Kramer

    Kambda has become a key partner in our software development process. They have done a great job in both feature work as well as ongoing development pr...

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  • Brad Meredith

    We sourced Kambda to design and produce our apps for system control and paypent gateway. They tested and delivered a flawless product at a reasonable ...

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  • review ninja

    Danny Weber

    Kambda was able to take over the development of our app from a previous development company that could not get the job done. Working with Kambda has ...

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  • logo-mtw

    Gonzalo Suárez

    Few people have the opportunity to work with such a “Genuine Expert” company as Kambda. I had the pleasure of working with them for some t...

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  • Alejandro Rodriguez

    I like it when the work is practical and flows, as well as the discussions that seek to find the best way to do things and with Kambda I found this. I...

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  • latzLogo

    Rhonda Moret

    We were looking for a development firm to serve as our IT department and by selecting Kambda, we achieved just that. On our first project, engagement ...

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  • athlete-com

    Drew Izzo

    Kambda does great work and is a pleasure to work with.

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  • grin-sin-fond

    Brian Mechem

    Kambda has been great to work with over the past year. They have strong leadership and processes, resulting in high-quality deliverables

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  • test-03

    Diego Avendaño

    Kambda fulfilled in a timely manner all deliverables and commitments made. In addition, their team demonstrated efficiency and professionalism, achiev...

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