Harry Kerasidis

Kambda has been a pivotal component of our team and I cannot say enough good things about them.

My company is an entirely web based SaaS company I designed for the prevention, detection, and management of sport concussion injuries. There is a web app and a mobile app (on both iOS and Android) that interface. The back end of the web app is on Ruby on Rails.

Emilio, Silvia and their team have shown great software development organizational skills, deliver on their promises promptly, and work tirelessly to achieve their benchmarks.

In addition to their skills as developers, they have often stepped in to address support issues and are always keeping the end user feedback in mind to come up with improvements. 

I really don’t have anything to place in the cons/weakness category. Kambda has been a perfect match for our needs. I highly recommend them without reservations.

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