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We are a team of full-stack iOS application development aiming to help you with your project from its conception to its completion. We use agile development to provide high-quality software and apps that meet your business goals. With our comprehensive approach, we analyze your business requirements and provide a look and feel, user experience, and functionality that helps you grow.

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The main screen (called «SpringBoard») is where the icons of the applications and the Dock are located at the bottom of the screen where you can anchor frequently used applications, appears when you unlock the device or press the start button.


With iOS 4, a simple system of folders was introduced into the system. You can move one application over another and a folder will be created, and so you can add more applications to it using the same procedure. They can enter up to 12 and 20 applications on the iPhone and iPad respectively.


The activation was created by iCloud, which requests access to data of the original user’s account. This makes it possible to block and disable the equipment when it is lost or stolen. Similarly, it is possible to know the location of the device via GPS and display messages on the screen. Additionally, users can remotely wipe the data on the device in case it’s impossible to recover the phone.


Notifications are now placed in an area that can be accessed by sliding from the status bar down. When you tap on a notification, the system opens the application.


To start multitasking, press the center button twice. Multitasking is only supported from the iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPod Touch (3rd generation). As of iOS 4, third generation devices and later allow the use of 7 APIs for multitasking.


Voice IP, location in the background, push notifications, local notifications, completed tasks, game center.

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