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Steps to success:

  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Analysis
  3. Architecture design
  4. System integration design
  5. Implementation
  6. Maintenance

Main workflow in a system integration process

  • Requirements Gathering
    • Setup meetings to discuss ideas and requirements
    • Must have clear expectations of future system
    • All stakeholders must be involved in the process to facilitate adoption
  • Analysis
    • Business analysts must process data to determine operational feasibility
    • Development company’s vision of system must be discussed and validated with client
    • Further meetings could be needed to align expectations before moving ahead in the process
  • Architecture Design
    • Determine how all the components will work together
    • Blueprints can be created to visually see how all the pieces will work together
    • A good architecture design will help the system perform as efficient as possible
  • System Integration Design
    • Longest and most challenging part of the process
    • Actual integration takes place in this phase
    • No data loss should occur if process has been carried out carefully
    • This process can help company grow by automating business processes and providing accurate data
  • Implementation
    • System is verified and tested once it’s complete
    • If bugs are found, they are fixed and system undergoes operational testing again to make sure it’s bug free
    • After all tests have passed and there are no bugs, stakeholders will be able to begin using the system
    • Some time will be needed for the team to get familiar with the new system
  • Maintenance
    • Any new or missing feature can be added since codebase is proprietary
    • Company that built the system will (should) fix any bug that comes up when system is being used
    • System is able to evolve with the company since functionality can be modified
    • Any software development company of your choice should be able to help maintain your new system in the future

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