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A large percentage of users looking for products and services online consider that the companies that are shown in the first places lead the market

Our services include the management, administration and optimization of one or several sponsored search engine campaigns (in Google Adwords and Bing Ads). The volume of visits of potential customers that are obtained through a campaign of advertising in search engines is proportional to the monthly investment destined to the same, that is to say, to greater investment, better results.

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It is about announcing a website in the top positions, along with the natural results of SEO positioning, after a search related to the products or services offered on the website.

Sponsored link campaigns allow you to target the target audience as much as possible (by specific city or region) and stand out because you only pay for each click or visit you receive to the webpage.

We offer you

These are some of the things we do for you.

  • Strategy for the Social Network

    We establish with the client the strategy to follow to achieve the objectives of the brand or company.

  • Daily management and monitoring

    Interactions and actions performed on the account are reviewed from Monday to Friday.

  • Daily Publications

    In KAMBDA we create the daily content and place it in the Social Network, we also accept up to 2 weekly posts suggested by the client.

  • Seriousness and Responsibility

    At KAMBDA we carry out the management of your Social Networks with seriousness and responsibility.

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