Top 3 mistakes when using Scrum | Kambda

There is no doubt of how beneficial the agile methodology has been for those...

July 19, 2019
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5 Factors Affecting Software Development Costs

Ways to cost your software development projectsThe time will come when...

May 31, 2019
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Is Ruby on Rails a good choice for startups?

One of the significant challenges faced by startups is choosing the best...

February 14, 2019
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5 Software Development Methodologies that you need to Know

A software methodology is an approach, a way of interpreting the reality or the...

February 7, 2019
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Software Development for Small Businesses is not a Thing of Dreams

Many small companies continue to work most of their processes as in the...

October 29, 2018
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Software Development Best Practices You Can Adopt

Due to the growing demand of software application development, architects and...

September 4, 2018
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What Software Development Skills does your Company Need?

Software developers are often responsible for many tasks such as developing,...

August 10, 2018
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