What Software Development Skills does your Company Need?

Software developers are often responsible for many tasks such as developing, testing, designing, writing, debugging and more. To determine what exactly are the skills required for website development we need to identify the software development skills a company looks for in a developer.

  • Companies are often looking for people that feel comfortable with every stage of a development project, so the first requirements would be integral knowledge and openness to learning.
  • A great ability extracting and analyzing massive data sets.
  • Strategic thinking around new devices and technologies.

JavaScript Skills

The main reason why JavaScript is so important now is because you can see it everywhere, from games we play to apps and it is compatible with pretty much any platform and/or device. It is a well-known powerful tool that companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal and Uber use.


Considering what companies are looking for today and what they looked for in the past, we are seeing an evolution. Companies now prefer to stay current than focus in the wrong technology as this industry is in constant evolution.

Big Data

Apps developed these days generate a lot more data than before and this data is used in real time for decision making. Therefore, it is importante to feel comfortable manipulating data and presenting it the best way possible for users to analyze the data and make decisions.

Master the full stack

Innumerable firms are looking for full stack web developers that feel comfortable moving from one technology to another and also working in both the frontend and backend of the system. This way, it is easier to assign this developer to different projects and also to troubleshoot issues that come up along the way.

Collaboration and Communication

The cooperation and use of open source programming languages are two main factors when entering the IT community or being a part of it. Collaboration is becoming more and more relevant since paid frameworks and tools are not being used as much. This allows for different developers to benefit while easing up their processes.

Agile Methodologies

Agile software development should also be part of the coder’s resume in order to tackle ongoing development. For this, they should have the ability to break down big projects into smaller tasks that will be assigned to sprints. At the end of each sprint, a retrospective is carried out to analyze what went well and what didn’t go so well in order to adjust the process for the next sprint.

There are other skills that might be advantageous when creating software.

  • Logical and structured thinking
  • Detail orientation

Kambda makes sure that each person on its team has the right skillset to manage, develop, design and construct custom web application or websites.

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