Main Software Architecture Issues and Challenges

Software architecture was born with the inception of software engineering.  In the 60’s when systems where “small” there wasn’t a necessity to understand designs and communicate them to others. But even though these systems were somewhat basic, they rapidly grew and their complexity required a more structured design.

This is when architectural level descriptions started to be written only as design aids, but later, these descriptions created for maintenance purposes where also preserved. Software architecture started gaining visibility in the 80’s even though the very first book about software architecture was only published in the 90’s.

In other articles about software architecture we’ve talked about how people underestimate the importance of software architecture and even today we consider this practice an emerging discipline which still will take time to mature.

Since software development engages with many factors, such us code language, approachability, chosen tools, prioritization, team cohesion (decision making), stakeholders and more, it’s really difficult to choose which exactly is the order and approach for each matter. Some IT engineers even claim there is never a 100% chance to get everything right when software programming. From this statement we can deduct that this practice entitles many challenges. This is why we decided to make a list of the top issues an IT architect might face while working:

1. A Company’s Maturity

Many organizations try to undertake the IT architecture program when they are not mature enough to do so.  Big mistake… some immature organizations without a clear direction start creating code thinking the IT team will do miracles and fix or re-design everything and completely change their direction while actually doing the job resulting on weak architecture technology incurring in huge problems for architect managers and teams alike.

2. No Budget Allocation

Typically, IT architects have no allocated budgets for which they have to account for. This is generally time consuming and it becomes a managing problem for the IT architect and the company  as it is here where budget draws a limit on the efforts of the IT architect and the possibilities of solving potential issues.

3. Lack of Personnel

IT architecture is always undertaking different projects to recognize issues and finding solutions. Being that, there is always a need for new for personnel (with new ideas and concepts) which entitles more financial resources and justification to the organization.  Without enough team members, projects can be extended for longer periods resulting in a problem for both the IT department and the organization in the long run.

Another issue an organization might face is the resource allocation of it’s personnel. If there is no interest in a particular subject, productivity might become very low which will affect team flow and budget performance.

4. Communication

Lack of communication with the internal IT team and stakeholders can become a huge barrier when achieving development and organizational goals.  Finding a solution without effectively communicating an issue to the upper level of the organization creates problems and restricts the organization’s development.

These are the main issues we’ve experienced over the years. Comment below and share the main issues you have encountered that relate to software architecture.


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