iOS Mobile Development Meaning and Principles

What is iOS Mobile Development

As its name suggests, iOS Mobile Development is just one of the ways of developing a mobile app that can make it work on Apple’s iOS. iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system that runs on iPhones, iPad touch and iPads. If you want to build an app for iOS, Apple provides great amounts of content and support to do it. iOS Apps are carefully vetted in the App Store to avoid placing potentially harmful or low-quality apps on Apple’s Devices.
To place an app in the App Store, you can create it using native languages like Swift or Objective-C or build them through cross-platform applications like React Native, built with JavaScript, or Xamarin.

Programming Apps for iOS

Building an app for iOS can be a daunting task, especially if you lack experience. That is why it is better to rely on a qualified programmer or company that provides nearshore development services like Kambda. By writing this article, we aim at helping you gain some knowledge that will make sure you start your mobile development process just right.

iOS Development Principles

We need to first take a look at the basic concepts behind actual development.

The Development Company or Freelancer

It is always to hire the right programming associate who will take care of the whole process since, this way, you can assure consistency in both functionality and design. This person or company should be able to help you define your concept, create wireframes and storyboards, design the UI and code your app.

The Model-view-controller Paradigm

The model-view-controller or MVC paradigm is a framework in which you break the code down into user interfaces, data, and the software behind that connects the former elements.
iOS software is built from Objects, and the MVC paradigm helps assign them to interfaces, the data, or the software.

It Starts with a User Interface

After creating a wireframe, which defines the architecture you want the app to have, you need to determine the interface (layout) each of the screens of the app will have. They are usually represented on a storyboard to help provide an idea of how the app should work. What comes up of it, should be built into a prototype and this should become the mock-up that enables developers to define the way the software should be produced.

Programming with Events in Mind

All interactions implicit in an app are triggered by events. These, at the same time, are a reaction to a user’s interaction. You need to define the actions that users will be able to take in advance so you can plan out how software will support the apps intended functionality.

Design Patterns

A design pattern is an approach taken in software development with the purpose of solving problems. iOS has many of these patterns to choose from that facilitates coding in several areas like structure, behavior, and frames essential for an app.

The Front and Back End

While the UI design is taking place, another necessary process happens simultaneously; planning. During development, a professional make sure that whatever is proposed in the planning phase is allowed to occur by the back end of the app. A developer will create a model of the app through Foundation Framework, APIs, and Core Data Framework. This model is meant to let your controller know how to behave data-wise. Building a robust back end is vital to the successful completion of an app.


Once the app is built, the next phase is set around testing it to make sure it is at its best when launched. The development team should check the app as many times as required, debug and update it.

It is an Ongoing Process

Even if an app remains the same in the front end, continuous work is always required. Technology is still prone to changes, and, as such, your app is going to require fixes, updates or maintenance to make it look and function exceptionally.


Hiring the right partner to build your iOS app is critical from before you even plan it, having an experienced team will help you remain on budget and time frames. Doing the whole process with one development services provider will almost certainly guarantee you end up with a seamless app. Chat with us to kick start your project!

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