5 Top Web Design Trends for 2019

The beginning of a new year brings many innovations in all fields and web design is only one of those. All of us who live online doing custom website development follow with expectation each year’s new trends in order to remain up-to-date and offer our customers the best possible solutions.

Web design is usually more complex, versatile and dynamic than it seems. It combines many branches of knowledge that may enhance the perception that our target audience has from us or, on the contrary, it may reduce the intention to hire us. If what you want is for your website to look great and to convert as much as possible, its design plays a very important role. Mind you, this will not only affect the visual perception, but also the user experience and ease of use.

Here are some website design trends you need to keep an eye on this year.

#1 Full Width

Let’s start with full width, one of the web design trends that we have already begun to see since 2018.

Full width elements have gained momentum recently and are used especially in headers and multimedia material (images and videos) to highlight the content.

Its objective is to show the maximum amount of information possible with just a glance and capture the attention of the user who visits the website.

#2 Video Backgrounds

Another trend that is hitting hard is, of course, video in every way.

In this particular case, the trend focuses on videos used as backgrounds of sections or headers. They provide a very creative and visually appealing touch to the design, and generate a great impact on the user.

If you want to add strength to your message, accompany it with a good video.

#3 Bright Coloring

Color palettes with intense and bright coloring are also trending in web design.

A good color combination is essential to reinforce your site’s message, values and personality. Bright colors are another simple design resource; however, you must be careful when using them to avoid saturation that takes a toll on your user’s focus.

#4 Large Elements

Elements of great size have gained strength because of the same reasons the previous trend has made it into our list: attention and impact.

What are those large elements that we see more and more in web design? Buttons, videos, images, galleries or page titles.

#5 Mobile First

Another trend in web design that we couldn’t miss in this post is mobile friendly web design.

We are talking about designing for a mobile experience rather than adapting the desktop design. The aim here is to have a specific design for the desktop version and a different one that is mobile.

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