Software Development for Small Businesses is not a Thing of Dreams

Many small companies continue to work most of their processes as in the 80’s and the main reason is because software development is an unattainable dream for many of them. However, we believe that it is an unexplored field and that it has all the potential for growth.

The first thing you should know is that small and medium-sized companies tend to focus on the commercial sector and services, because their size and characteristics can’t be configured in the industrial sector that requires greater investment of resources. For example, large companies use various management programs in order to operate: from an ERP, through logistics software for the warehouse, a CRM for commercial management, resource management, security, human resources and many more. To make this simpler, they develop a single system that integrates all the functionalities or integrate one by one as they are required. In any case, the final result is a giant computer system that requires great maintenance, future adjustments and customization for your needs.

A medium or small company will never be able to cope with a system of these characteristics, such implantation costs will be unattainable. On the other hand, the vast majority don’t need such systems. It is not the same to organize the operations of 5,000 employees with 300 projects and daily revenue of several millions to getting 4 employees on board in the same project.

The great advantage of working with small companies is that they allow us to be much more agile in development, from the identification of their requirements, review and approval times are shorter, the learning curve is faster and the satisfaction of clients is higher when they see results that allow them to be more efficient with their business processes.

Here are some things we do that make software development for small businesses something you can actually aim at:

  • We develop custom software according to your unique goals and processes. If the objective is to standardize processes, a solution-oriented approach should be taken and a thorough QA process needs to take place since a solution that is too complex could cause problems for the organization instead of helping it move forward.·
  • We involve those in charge of the processes, especially in traditional or familiar settings. Change can be received with reluctance from company members, making it necessary to work with all the participants to make them feel the project is their own. This helps guarantee the achievement of the objectives set.·
  • We use agile methodologies, which allow the client to see small advances, provide feedback, improve and visualize early victories that embody the changes the software will bring for the company.
  • We choose a reliable development language that does not require too many changes and / or future updates, companies appreciate it and will surely want to work on similar projects in the future.

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