Data science is a discipline that is gaining strength in the world as it helps organizations, through the analysis of large amounts of data, identify new opportunities, provides answers to many questions that companies didn’t even know they had and allows them to identify problems in a more understandable way. The collection of large amounts of data and the search for trends within it allows companies to move much more quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

This discipline today applies to most areas in organizations, therefore, it is not isolated from software or web development. Read on if you want to know how they relate and what the benefits of using it are.

There are several roles involved when it comes to creating a new website, in addition to the designer, other profiles usually intervene such as an account manager, which collects and transmits to the team the requirements and valuations of the client; an SEO, which proposes elements that will help the subsequent positioning; a programmer, who values the difficulty and executes the implementation of the functionalities proposed in the web design. But in recent years data analysts have begun to intervene due to their ability to predict the future in certain ways thanks to already existing data. Why?

  • Having metrics from other similar projects or niche studies can help define some visual elements, user experience and usability for the new website development, which will allow us to better reach the public we want with the characteristics that they value the most.
  • During the testing phase, the analysis of the data will allow decisions to be made in a timely manner to make the necessary adjustments quickly before going to production. Having the necessary information to guarantee the best user experience will allow you to earn points even before going to market.
  • If what we want to do is a redesign or optimization, having the historical data will allow us to identify points of friction, redundant elements, processes not completed and other variables that will allow us to make more accurate decisions and avoid errors.

Once the development has come out live, data analysis is also very useful because it allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, usability of navigation, design, among others, and optimize the site in order to meet the proposed objectives (sales, leads, get new followers, among others).

Thanks to data science we can compile the right data. Apart from visits, page views, rebound percentages or time spent on the site, we can analyze many other metrics that are as or more important than these.

Now, in addition to analyzing what happened in the past, or predicting the future, data science allows you to apply cognitive analytics, which learns and understands the behavior of customers, with our products, with social networks, channels and services that suggest new ways of making your developments more enticing and attractive to your target audience.

The amount of information produced by different technologies has modified our environment. From the point of view of technology, economy has become a data and code driven economy, since we are generating thousands of data every second that we could analyze to identify behaviors helpful to the company or even consumers. The same goes for coding, today everything is programmable in terms of obtaining and generating data.

Digitalization allows us to apply technology in very specific aspects of a business, data science is one of the technological trends that helps us improve efficiency in the company and generate new experiences for clients. How are you going to start using it?

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