Mobile development with .NET: Why should you do it?

.NET is an open source cross-platform used by developers to create different types of applications. Mobile development with .NET’s main benefit is you can work with multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build websites, mobile applications and web apps.

There are a couple of development languages you can use to build .NET apps.

  • C#
  • F#
  • Visual Basic

Another great .NET benefit is that it doesn’t matter if your write your code on any of these mentioned languages, your app will be running natively on any OS. This application could be created through tools like .NET Core, .NET Framework or Xamarine/Mono.

.NET is a growing community with more companies and developers joining the team. Companies like Samsung and Google are a part of it, e.g. Samsung released Tizen for .NET for developers to build apps particularly for Samsung devices.

This cross platform allows developers to build pretty much any kind of app they want with the benefit of continuous evolution and a strong and experienced community behind it.

Why use .NET in mobile development?


.NET mobile app development is highly secure. It enables developers to create high quality products while it is time efficient in its development stage. .NET is reliable and scalable which guarantees smooth functioning of complex applications. It has a faster and more robust development setup with a low requirement of training compared to other frameworks.

One key advantage is that all libraries are placed in one location. This is more efficient when compared with other libraries that are located in different places. This development platform also provides support for SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and an appropriate environment for debugging and tracking logical errors.

WAD (Windows Application Development)

At the moment, Windows is still dominant in the desktop world with 90% of the market share. Most windows desktop applications are smoothly developed using .NET frameworks since both are Microsoft’s.

RAD (Rapid Application Development)

Visual studio provides a friendly environment and rich functionality that makes the development stage faster. Its drag and drop tool to create applications is a very useful built-in feature.

Multiple language Supports

.NET is a perfect fit for software development since it allows apps to work with multiple languages at the same time. For instance, a developer can use armor for Python at the same time he uses F#, allowing code to be written by different developers with a different skill sets.


As you can see, the .NET framework has countless features that make it a very suitable open source platform and a great choice for any organization or app development project. It’s a one-stop solutions to create applications across different devices while providing security and all features required by any developer.

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