Why use Angular JS for your Next Mobile App

Why use Angular JS Mobile Development for your Next Project


As you can see by reading our blog, there are plenty of development languages you can use to create an app for your business. As any Node JS development companies or mobile development company knows, you need to use the development language that fits the most with your business requirements. Angular JS is one such language that is being used more for mobile app development.


What is Angular JS?


Angular JS is a JavaScript framework. It was initially developed by Google who created it with simple web app development in mind. It is full of features that make it a great option when it comes to restructuring any JS code, gathering data and limiting code to its basic most important elements.


Cross-Platform Apps with AngularJS


AngularJS, along with other tech solutions like Cordova, HTML5, and Ionic, can be used to build cross-platform mobile applications. It means that these apps can be accessed from different mobile operating systems. This means that by creating an application with AngularJS, this app can be visited from iOS, Windows Phone, or Android through a browser; reducing time and resources spent since you only have to build one app, contrary to what would happen if you opted for building native mobile apps.


Benefits of Using Angular JS


Like with any project, you need to first have considered if JavaScript (the development language), is the right one for your requirements. AngularJS will work in most cases where an app needs to be created since it is highly versatile due to different features and development approaches.


A Wide Community

Since it is widely used backed by a loyal community of developers, Angular JS offers a great range of options. It is easy for teams to be built around and find the solutions they need to fit their customers’ goals.



Besides it being easy to maintain, AngularJS code is, in the same manner, really easy to understand. This helps client become more independent from specific teams of developers or companies. Teams can be modified or changed if the business or development challenges require it.



Developers do not need to adhere to all AngularJS libraries as they are. Any developer can choose, modify and write code for specific libraries; which makes the app more malleable, and seamless.



AngularJS is as simple to execute that it helps you build apps faster. With simple, basic apps you should not take a lot of time. But if, on the contrary, your app is larger and more complex, you will find all the support and features required to make it happen, along with a great community willing to help you if need be.


Stress-free Quality Assurance

This JavaScript framework allows teams to develop and write code separate from the rest of the app, making it easy to test and process segments and modules without affecting the rest of the app.


Built-In Features

AngularJS developers rely on a wide range of built-in versatile solutions and features that can be used. Several libraries contain features like UI routing, Model View Controller (MVC) frameworks, HTML interfaces and more.



With all the available different requirements and technological solutions, choosing the right development language for your app might be a tough process. However, AngularJS seems like a great option for businesses aiming for Cross-Platform, mobile and web apps thanks to the many great benefits it offers. Don’t hesitate to ask is if AngularJS is the right option for your project in the chat below.

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