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What You Can’t Do With Web Design

There are many variables that you can make with errors in web design and that can be causes of culminating with a good business or a great opportunity for your company, because remember, a good web design is a great starting point for customers to want to stay with your proposal and, from there, take off your business.

In this publication we are not going to give you advice to become a web design specialist, but we are going to tell you what common mistakes you cannot make to become a great option in this alternative.

Let’s go in parts:

1- Poorly legible typography.

You must choose the appropriate typeface for your web page, since sometimes in many pages, wanting to be more original, they choose fonts that are difficult to read.

It is also important to optimize readability. The idea is to facilitate with colors that have contrast so that a person who is colorblind does not have difficulties on their website.

As for readability, the main recommendation is not to use fonts such as “hand draw” or “script” since they cost more to understand when reading a text. The size of the font is also very important, the one recommended according to Google is 16 px.

2- Confusing navigation

Confusing navigation is one of the most common problems on a web page, if you don’t know how to move or where you are supposed to go on the page we already have a problem.

In the smaller web pages there are usually these problems, but in the webs that have many products and services it is more common that the navigation is complicated.

This problem is frequently seen on websites where they focus on being creative or unique in their appearance and this can compromise the user experience if not done right.

3- Poor quality or very heavy images.

Overloading the website with images, videos or animations can make it more difficult to navigate and loading these elements can take a long time. If this happens, you may face two problems: Users will abandon if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds, and Google will penalize your rankings.

Now, you can not fall to the opposite extreme and use poor quality, pixelated or distorted images. Images are of fundamental relevance, especially in the case of online stores.

Whenever possible, use original images, showing your facilities, products, etc. If not, resort to quality image banks.

4- Too much text.

Provide valuable information, yes. Paste endless text without formatting, never. On the web, users tend to scan, not read deeply. Use bold, headings according to importance and short paragraphs and you will make it easier for the user to find what they are looking for.

5- Broken links

If you have broken links on your website, you will stop being a friend of Google. Because Google likes to do things well and perfectly, always thinking about how people interact.

It is annoying that you enter a website and click on a button thinking that you will go to another page, but that link does not work and you can not do anything.

This error will cause the client to go where they came from, so that you will have lost another client.

By way of conclusion we can say that these tips are quite practical so that you can take safe steps towards building a website with a great design. But one of the main recommendations is that you support yourself with an expert team on the subject.


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