Web development with Ruby on Rails

There is no need to talk about what it is and its benefits. But we do believe that it is necessary to highlight why we develop with Roby on Rails and that can be summarized as follows: Speed, standardization and ease of use.

Ruby on Rails allows us to speed up development very significantly, since the framework itself manages many of the most tedious tasks internally, such as the creation of databases, models, views, controllers.

We can practically accomplish those tasks in a few minutes by running a few commands, so development becomes much faster and less repetitive.

In addition, by having a defined structure based on MVC, the entire project becomes much more standard, which makes teamwork much easier by not leaving the project structure to the discretion of the programmer.

Everything is “in place” and done in the same way, so any programmer can pick up a Ruby on Rails project and understand it much faster than in other languages.

So, how do we start with ruby ​​on rails development?

A common question from developers that are new to Ruby and Rails ask themselves is whether they should learn the Ruby language first, or focus on Rails and learn Ruby along the way. Both are valid paths.

The first recommendation is to visit the Ruby On Rails site, where there are a number of resources to sites and videos on the subject. To get started with Ruby, the best option is to visit the Ruby site. And lastly, visit the Rails and/or Ruby communities. There are even some Spanish-speaking ones like http://rails.mx and http://tijuana.rb.

Rails, like Ruby, is free software and is available for Windows, Linux, and OSX platforms. I think there is no point in using this space to explain how to install it, but at http://decisionesinteligentes.com/guides you can find installation and configuration guides in Spanish.

Basic example

Next we are going to explore a basic example with Rails, although for reasons of space in the current article, we are going to omit the testing part. We will start from the fact that we already have a development environment installed and configured, and we will use the command console.

The application that we are going to build is one that allows us to publish events and show their list. We are going to do away with features like authentication and authorization in order to have this prototype up and running in a matter of minutes.

Although much more can be said on the subject, it is fair to conclude that Ruby on Rails allows us to develop faster, more secure, flexible and standardized, which translates into fewer hours of programming and therefore in lower budget needed to carry out or expand your project in the future.

At Innobing we always work with the technologies that allow us to offer the best results with the most optimal costs, and we are always in the process of recycling to quickly adapt to what offers the greatest advantages to our clients.

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