Web Development for Real Estate

We are entering a time when every business should have a website. The idea is to look for new clients, for those future buyers to find all the necessary information on the product they are looking for, and for this reason, the vast majority of markets fit perfectly into this new era and real estate is one of them. After all, the web is one more sales channel.

Web development for Real Estate is important for any agency because it allows you to embody your business in a different way, just as you want to show or sell to the client.

Until recently, negotiations with the bank had to be done in the office, but now most banks offer you an app to work from anywhere. The same with insurance companies. Or with the purchase of the supermarket.

The sale of real estate is the same: before, you had to go around the city to look for apartments for sale and find real estate agents; Now people prefer to stay home and search directly from their smartphone or tablet.

So if you want to get clients, you need a proper website.

Normally the search engines will direct you to the web pages that pay to be well positioned, hence the importance of having a quality product and well organized.

A web page that works on all mobile devices, which is designed to generate conversions, and which attracts Internet traffic. The strategy is to avoid depending only on the real estate portals, to diversify your sales channels and to be able to obtain more clients.

With a good strategy, the possibility of a client reaching your page through large search engines such as Google is high, however, from there you start to depend on the quality of your website.

There are many ways to set up a website for your agency.

If what you want is to do it on your own …

You can use a content manager like WordPress to set up the website yourself, on a hosting of your choice. Or better yet, you can turn to a real estate software that includes the website to make everything even easier.


WordPress is one of the most powerful web publishing platforms out there. Approximately 30% of the entire Internet uses it, and with it you can do anything, from a blog, a community, a corporate website, to a real estate website.

You can also have other copies than WordPress to publish on the web, among which are Drupal or Joomla. But I only mention WordPress because it is the most complete and the easiest to use.

However, not everything is rosy with WordPress, but from a business point of view, WordPress has serious maintenance problems.

The first of them is that you need to do it all yourself, or depend on a developer to get it all going. That means that you will need paid hosting, install a copy of WordPress, and configure everything. If you have an external developer or your staff, it can be even more expensive.

These types of improvements make your visitors stay longer on your website, looking for properties and requesting information. Which translates into sales.

Whatever your choice to develop your real estate website, you already have an advantage, since the first and main step is to enter a new era so that the business you have in mind in this market is on track to success.


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