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First, the basics: what is web design and what is it for?


It is that activity consisting of planning, designing, maintaining and creating web pages. Speaking of terms, it distances itself from the most traditional of design, since it encompasses a wide variety of different aspects, such as the design of graphic material, the user or even interfaces.


It is the main discipline to take into account when setting up a website, since the degree of usability of it and its improvement for the visitor depends on it. If it does not receive a pleasant experience, with adequate interactivity, information architecture, navigability and usability, it will probably displace the competition or not take real advantage of what the page offers.


There are many more points that depend on web design, such as the conversion rate, the number of impressions or even the organic search engine positioning. In fact, for SEO, design turns out to be one of the main elements, since it can determine to what extent a website is of quality in the eyes of search engines, even the largest like Google.


With this definition we can already talk about what a designer means and what their knowledge of web design services is good for.


The web designer is the person or professional who gathers the necessary knowledge to create those websites of which we speak with the characteristics and requirements necessary to represent and defend a business, company or activity on the Internet. But in addition, his status as a designer allows him to give all the pages of the site a personalized and differential appearance, something very important.


But the activity of this profession is not only based on the creation, but also on the maintenance of those sites that are designed, we talk about the function of webmaster, maintenance and updating. As responsible for incorporating all the content provided by the owner of the page, it is essential to attract new visitors and followers. You must have knowledge to include texts, insert images, voice files, animations, videos, graphics and even games. It is very important that you have the collaboration of the editors, the marketing department or the public relations of the company.


The best web designers do their work at different stages of development, and they must also have extensive knowledge of SEO and its surroundings. Take charge of optimizing the content with the appropriate keywords that favor positioning. This is important if the goal is to try to achieve a good result in search engines to increase page views.


Given this, we can address the different alternatives to create websites. Today, there are a variety of systems and applications online to make web pages with little or even no knowledge of design or programming languages. Many people interested in creating a website associated with their activity or business choose them.


It is important to note that these applications are only one tool, and making the best of them requires knowledge, technique and experience. Having a correct information architecture for content is ideal to start with, but it is not enough.


To conclude, it is extremely important to emphasize that the design of the pages should be done with the client in mind and not the administrator, carefully choosing all the elements that are used and using only the necessary resources to communicate the desired message, achieving make the site look simple and not overdone.

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