Top Reasons why we Love Using React JS

Main Reasons to Use React JS


Here at Kambda, we want to make ours and your lives easier. That is why we always use reliable frameworks and tools. This way, we are able to create great apps, software, and/or websites. Besides working with well-established technologies, we sometimes use newer, exciting, and innovative tools

React JS is a JavaScript library that has been getting more users lately. We are among those people using it in several of our projects. Here’s why:


It’s Simple


One of its main benefits is how React JS makes coding a simpler task. Since it is a JavaScript framework, developers already familiar with JS will have an easy time understanding it and using it.

This library is used with a syntax called JSX that is similar to HTML resulting in great interfaces. HTML and CSS is created during this same process. React’s API is small but provides great support for almost every type of development project.

When used with other libraries like Redux, Material UI or Enzyme, learning how to integrate React JS can take a little bit more time. This integration can help you add more features to your projects while also maintaining management pretty simple as you can always find documentation for all popular libraries.


It’s Enticing


There is a large number of developers using React JS and they seem to love it. This means it won’t be hard to find developers with experience using this library. This is great news if you plan to create long-lasting products. Additionally, since professionals are really committed to it, you will see an ever evolving library with continuous publishing of new features and tools. React Js will only get better with time!

It’s Reusable


React JS lets you use JS elements over and over which also lets you avoid having to spend additional time creating elements each time.  Each project using React is, at its core, built around re-usable elements.  You can use code that has already been published anywhere else in the project just by calling its components. You can use a function several times. What makes it easier is that you can group these elements and insert them in bulk somewhere else.

This provides several business benefits; it helps you build a consistent project that is user-friendly. It is also easier to add features and test them since there are many ready to be used.


It’s Easy to Update


Whether in bulk or individually, you can easily update React JS elements. Changing all the links’ colors or modifying only one element can be both done in a matter of seconds.


Its Virtual DOM


Large complex projects can greatly benefit if built using React JS since, as it uses a Virtual DOM to speed websites with high number of interface requests. If an element in the application or website is edited it will immediately modify the vDOM. This vDOM is then compared to a real DOM in order to identify which elements have changed and only update that element which was just modified. This can only help improve speed and performance! As you might already know, faster page load means more engagement and conversions, which ultimately means more sales!




React JS is an innovative way of making your life easier. It helps you create mobile apps and websites with great user experience, interfaces, and performance. Even though it is young it will certainly be in our arsenal for years. Are you ready to build your next project using React JS? Give us a call.



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