Things To Know When Set Up A Google Ads Campaign

It is essential to be aware of all the changes that Google makes and the most challenging thing about this is always adapting. In this space what we are going to do is remember what happened with the campaigns and PPC services. In addition, we will provide you with three tips to save time in managing Adwords PPC.

We have seen from changes in the structuring of campaigns to SMS extensions, new possibilities for Shopping campaigns, new bid structures and much more.

Now is the perfect time to review the best PPC practices carried out, to start improving their performance and to implement new ideas that offer us opportunities for improvement:

The performance simulator will show how the ROAS is set:

The performance simulator can be very useful to know the potential of the campaigns that we have active and analyze which bid is the most appropriate to achieve the established objectives.

This new feature in Google Ads allows the simulator to be able to show, using auction data from the last 7 days, how the establishment of different ROAS or different budgets would affect the results and performance of the campaigns with these strategies.

Explanations on performance changes:

Another new feature of Google Ads is the inclusion of explanations regarding significant performance changes in PPC campaigns.

These explanations provide a likely insight into the reasons for a change in the performance of a campaign or ad group: number of impressions, clicks, cost.

These explanations can be accessed in CPC search campaigns and are available when you compare a time period, within the last 90 days, for changes that Google Ads considers significant.


Accelerated delivery of all Google Ads campaigns disappears:

Accelerated publishing was eliminated from search and shopping campaigns, now it is the turn of display campaigns, video campaigns, applications and Hotel Ads campaigns.


the only option will be the standard publication, which as Google says, this method of publication already takes into account the performance and results that the ads can have throughout the day.


About the tips that we talked about at the beginning of this article, we can say that it is essential that you determine what actions you should take through all the mess of managing a PPC account.

Here are three areas to consider when optimizing your paid search campaigns if you want the best results.


Ad rotation

This is something that a lot of people just let Google do for them.

But many advertisers like to rotate their ads evenly so they can optimize for themselves.

If the goal of your campaign is branding, then this works. You can use tag lines from other channels to back up your message and then test it.

Learn about your ad tags to make sure you are using the correct one.

Data integrations to study PPC performance

Data integration is vital for any marketing team. There is an easy way to integrate your analytics data with your search data on one platform.

Google Analytics, even if it is the free version, is an important tool for marketers, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your PPC spending.


To link Google Ads and Google Analytics, you will need administrator access to both accounts.

Audience data to increase PPC performance

Paid search is built on keyword intent – targeting people based on what they’re looking for at all times. It has been that way from the beginning.

However, today’s climate is very busy with multiple channels, devices, locations, increasing competition, and more data than ever.

We can conclude that the changes remain in the world of PPC


If you manage the PPC accounts of a single company, it is likely that sometimes you will find yourself in situations that you had not faced before, changes in management that you do not know how to overcome.

In this case, we recommend that you be in constant contact with the Ads agencies, either for a relationship as a client, requesting adhoc training for your team or simply consuming their content and attending their events.









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