The Importance of Google Ads

We start from the fact that you already know what Google ads are, but what we want in this publication is a review of how they work and how important they can be for your company. So let’s once and for all solve that question about google ads services.


Each of these words must be taken into account, which we will explain one by one: geography, visibility, budget, ad activity, pay per click and auction. Let’s start with the last ones.


Auction: help answering the question of how much a click is worth. the answer is very easy and very complex: it is established in real time by a real-time auction in which all the advertisers who are willing to appear in that search enter and is mainly limited by the maximum CPC that each advertiser is willing to pay (cap to pay for a click) and the relevance of your ads in history. All this happens in thousandths of a second and the advertiser who gets the click is the one who pays.


Pay per Click: When you ask for a budget, a fixed amount is paid for appearing during a period of time. Regardless of the impacts, the people who see it, the people who visit you or those who buy from you. Digital advertising and we focus on search campaigns in this case are paid exclusively when a user clicks on your ad and visits your website. That guarantees a certain level of performance, and if your page works well to attract them, you have a certain chance of converting them into a customer. So remember: you pay only when a user clicks.


Ad activity: unlike what happened when a TV campaign was approved or in the written press in which the material could not be modified or the campaign could be paused until it was finished, this type of campaign is totally different for these reasons : (a) campaigns can be paused or activated at any time on the platform with a click, (b) words, ads or any element can be edited when deemed necessary. This makes it a more flexible type of advertising.


Budget: The main revolution that brought online advertising and advertising in Google Ads in the first place was democratization. Before, only companies with high budgets were able to invest in radio, television or even the yellow pages. However, Google introduced a self-service platform that allowed advertisers with any budget to access it.


Visibility: When we work with the search network Google Ads allows our ads to be shown exclusively when a user performs a search for a certain keyword with which we want to appear. In the same way, we can tell it not to appear when terms that do not interest us are included.


Geography: This is about defining where the ads will be shown. This allows us to reach exclusively those people who are in the area that the company can serve. For example, if you are a service company, you may be able to serve your city or region. However, if you are a restaurant and you do home delivery, it is most likely that you can only send to a radius around your physical point.


In conclusion, we can assure you that The importance of Google Ads has a lot to do with the appreciation and visibility of an ad on the web page, as well as the search results in the Google Ads lists.


Affected aspects include:

  • Ad position: Ads with higher perspective and focus have significant importance, because this ad is more likely to be seen by all users. In general, an ad gets more clicks when it raises itself to a higher position.
  • Ad formats: These ads have more hierarchy than even the same ones without formats, since, in general, the formats attract more attention and clicks grow more.

The importance of Google Ads will always be measured based on a change and this specifically occurs by adding ad formats or moving to a higher position.

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