Is Ruby on Rails a good choice for startups?

One of the significant challenges faced by startups is choosing the best programming language to be used for your web development projects. This is because there are so many options available and settling for one can be quite challenging for a startup.

However, choosing the right programming framework is very important for startups that want to prevent issues with documenting, bug fixing, productivity and even debugging which can lead to loss of profit, poor performance and customer’s disappointment.

One programming language that has become a top choice for programmers due to the immense benefits it offers to startups when used for web development is Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a dynamic, and reflective programming languages that supports multiple programming models such as object-oriented, functional, and imperative.

Ruby-on-Rails Development Benefits

Here are some reasons why Ruby is a good choice for startups.


Ruby is an open sourced licensed product that can be used and modified free of charge. Also, there are so many ready-made libraries (gems) that facilitate the developer’s work thereby reducing cost.


Ruby has one of the most secure frameworks that prevent cross-site scripting, SQL-injections and other threats. However, to achieve the best result, developers must follow a Secure Development Lifecycle because not all benefits of Ruby on Rails are available out-of-the-box.

Supports from experts:

Ruby provides support to its users in the form of an online tutorial, question sections and also provides fresh modules daily. Its community is one of the most engaged in the world of coding because it always keeps its framework elements updated and ensures the security of all released apps.

Quality architecture:

Ruby makes use of Restful architecture which allows the developer to build pure and simple APIs. Due to its expressive nature, this framework leaves the users with a fantastic impression.

Faster development process:

In terms of project development ruby is fast when compared to other frameworks. Speed is very important to startup and organizations that are on tight deadlines and limited resources.

Supports PaaS Services:

One of the significant reasons why Ruby on Rails Development is a great choice for startups is that it is supported by so many Platform as a Service (PaaS) services which make it easy for startups to push their apps to the cloud effortlessly.

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