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Simple, agile, perfect for worrying only about what matters, proper data management … These are some of the concepts that come up when talking about Ruby on Rails, one of the open source development frameworks on the back side- end best known and recognized within the developer community. This is intended as a quick guide to get started and develop all kinds of web applications with it.

The first step to start creating projects with RoR is knowing how to code in Ruby, an accessible programming language very similar to Python, interesting for creating simple and flexible applications.

These are some of the main advantages that ruby ​​on rails development company offers:

  1. It is a language with which you can develop all kinds of applications, such as email clients, web applications and services, Backend data processing, network applications, among many other things that you can think of.
  2. It is open source or free software, so you can download it completely free from its official website.
  3. Multiplatform, that is, you will have no problem using it on different operating systems.
  4. It is a language that encourages productivity.
  5. It is inclined to be understandable by humans, over machines, which facilitates its use and application.
  6. Ideal for beginners due to its simplicity and for intermediate-advanced programmers due to the possibility of diversifying the programming language to achieve more and better results.

But not everything is good and therefore, we must talk about the disadvantages.

  1. It does not have communities and customer service support as extensive as other programming languages. This is a negative point since if you are starting with web programming and you hardly use Ruby you will need books and technical documentation that you cannot have easy access to. This compared to other codes such as PHP and C #, which have a large community and extended online help, including many more literary resources.
  2. In view of being new to the field of web programming languages, it takes more time for you to become familiar with the structures and their general operation. Also, it has its own coding code, which means that the learning curve is higher compared to others like PHP or Perl.
  3. Updates are slower compared to other programming languages ​​such as PHP, which once created has been updated to correct errors several times a year. This causes delays when developing a web project if you expect them to correct security or functionality aspects that are essential for your program to work properly.
  4. You don’t find many frameworks created with Ruby, which limits the development of web applications a bit. However, one of the best is Ruby on Rails, widely accepted by the developer community as it favors convention over configuration.

We can say, by way of conclusion, that if you are interested in carrying out a project for the web, you should take a look at various computer codes. For example, Ruby offers you object-oriented programming, several libraries with predesigned structures, flexibility to make the modifications you need, blocks to add clauses, and much more. Although you also find some disadvantages such as a less extended community compared to PHP or C #, slow information processing, a long learning curve, slow updates and few frameworks.

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