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React Native is one of the hottest technologies right now, and it’s undeniable that right now it’s leading the mobile development revolution. In this post, the main objective is to show the main features, in addition to the advantages, over the competitors that are there today, we will also talk about some examples of the development of React Native.

Native apps have a professional look and their performance is considerable, so the need to know each platform in depth and are prone to having an infinity of bugs (and their inevitable delays in delivery). Another aspect to consider is that when developing in native, you have the feeling of repeating the work over and over again on each platform.

When developing an app in React Native, most of the code that we write (in many cases everything) is the same for the Android and iOS versions. We only have to worry about business logic and layout only once.

Another of the great advantages that this type of platform offers us is the Hot Reload. Normally, when we talk about native developments, you have to repeatedly group to see the changes, no matter how small they are. This makes native development slow and tedious (especially when laying out). With React Native you compile once and get to work. You can see how they affect the changes as you make them (LiveReload).

In order to understand which are the apps created with React Native, it must be taken into account that the market is practically divided into two: Android and Apple. We could also talk about those who prefer the Windows operating system, but it is a minority. With this scenario, the developers had no choice but to choose between the two main platforms. Still, Facebook decided to turn things around and managed to find a solution to create a product without neglecting the requirements of the two platforms.

The following examples of React Native apps are the real evidence why you should consider this solution when developing a Mobile App.

  1. Facebook and Ads Manager App

Currently Facebook uses React Native in its projects, being the creator or initiator of the creation of this tool for mobile applications. Millions of users can experience React Native, on Facebook and Ads Manager. However, the world’s largest social network app was not the pioneer of the advent of RN. Ads Manager is the company’s first cross-platform creation.

As a result, the developers got a quick app that is not only useful to the target audience of users, but also resulted in the creation of numerous applicable components to build other famous React Native apps.

  1. Instagram

The Instagram team settled for opting for React Native despite the obvious difficulties ahead. However, the framework was the perfect solution to refresh the existing application due to code reuse. The engineers were faced with numerous problems during the development process, however they managed to save costs and what came out of that experiment met all expectations and from there we know one of the most popular applications so far.

  1. Skype

Skype said not too long ago that it’s experimenting with a new Android app written in React Native. It can be something positive for users who have experienced problems with the application. That new version is totally new, from the icons to the entire design, adding some additional features.


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