Questions and Answers About WordPress Services

Let’s go with the basics: what is WordPress? It is simple, it is a content management system, a software that is used to create, manipulate and maintain websites.

In addition, it is the most popular on the market, as it is used by 65.2% of websites. This translates to 42.4% of all websites, almost half on the Internet. Pretty popular right?

Now, this means that in the face of such popularity, there should be different wordpress company services and yes, they are. For this reason we are going to answer the main questions that normally arise with this service.

Is it a safe tool?

Yes. Well, it is used by millions of users and companies that actively collaborate on their code, instantly solving any, not just an incident, but a possible vulnerability that they find, solving it immediately thanks to the automatic updates of WordPress, which is updated without the intervention of the user when the versions are security and maintenance.

What is not WordPress?

It is not a web cover editor although it can incorporate it, it is not a word processor even if it includes it, it is not an online store although you can create it, it is not a company nor is it sponsored by any company although most use it.

Is it good for web hosting?

Google and WordPress apparently have a great relationship. part of the great success of WordPress is how well it ranks in search engines from the moment it is installed and has its first content.

The virtues that make WordPress stand out as an unbeatable platform for search engine positioning are many, but these are the fundamental ones:

  • As soon as it is installed, it automatically communicates by means of pings to the main directories and contents the publication of any content.
  • WordPress automatically inserts the main SEO meta tags on your pages and cover from the installation.
  • Compatible with the pingbacks and trackbacks system, which notify other sites of linked content and receive link notifications.

To handle it, do I have to be a programmer?

Although it handles a code language, you don’t have to be a web programmer to handle it. Unlike in the old publishing systems, in which you had to modify each HTML file manually and upload them individually to the server, with WordPress you create your content, expand the possibilities of your website and modify your design from a visual environment, without the need for install any application on your computer, from wherever you are.

Is it a slow tool?

No. WordPress uses databases to store its content, which should normally slow down the loading if we compare it, for example, with a page programmed exclusively in HTML, but through the internal WordPress cache and plugins that store cache not only static but also Also dynamic and memcache you can show your website as fast and more than if it were in plain HTML since in addition to the static content it also shows the dynamic content from the cache.


Once these questions are clear, we could say in conclusion that whether or not you should use WordPress depends on your needs. If you need a flexible and scalable platform for your website, it is a great choice.


WordPress is an incredibly versatile web platform that allows users to create all kinds of sites. If you want to create a blog, attract new clients with an online portfolio, post video tutorials, or create a website for your business, you can use WordPress.


It’s also great for beginners as it’s much more accessible than coding a website from scratch. There are many online courses and resources for learning WordPress, as well as a large and active community.


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