XLNTbrain LLC provides the first complete sports concussion management program for teams and individuals of all levels. Based in Maryland, XLNTbrain was formed after more than 25 years of studying the physiology of the brain and resulting behaviors caused from various stimuli and trauma. The brain-child of Harry Kerasidis, M.D., one of only a few neurologists in the world that specialize in cognitive performance and concussions, XLNTbrain seeks to protect athletes from the dangerous consequences of undetected and untreated concussions.


Ruby on Rails, MongoID, Angular JS


Concussion Management

Business Problem

XlntBrain reached out to us a bit over 3 years ago because they needed a company to help them enhance their web application in a cost effective way. We started out with an overall audit of the code they had, provided recommendations and soon after we started out as their nearshore software development partner.

What We Did

We became XlntBrain's software development partners. We helped them in everything from project management support, web development, mobile development, QA, dev ops, etc.

How We Did It

In order for a relationship like this to be successful, communication is very important. We made sure all communication channels were open between our development team and the main stakeholders in XlntBrain to make sure the work we did was aligned with the business expectations. This helped us streamline the development process and keep our customer happy with our services.


The client is happy with our services and we still have an ongoing business relationship with the main stakeholders of the company.