XlntBrain iOS App

A full featured mobile application for concussion management. In this application, users are able to take the Sideline Assessment Test after they suspect an impact might have caused a concussion. The information in the app is sent to the webapp via an API and stored in the athlete’s profile.




Concussion Management

Business Problem

Bug fixes and enhancements that needed to be done as per business requirements.

What We Did

We carried out client requests, tested them and deployed the updated versions of the apps to the App Stores.

How We Did It

We assigned the ad-hoc work to one of our mobile developers to carry out the required changes.

UX Design

Client already had app built but we did a UX audit and presented the results. This has not been implemented yet.

UI Design

Client already had design in place but we did a UI proposal to renew the look and feel of the app. This has not been implemented yet.


The client is happy with the service and we still have an engagement with them.