E-Learning Platform to teach or learn anything live! Teachers and students sign up free and students have 5min to test drive the class. Class tools include: raise your hand, timer, private lessons, whiteboard, text editor and screen sharing. Organizations can also sign up, invite teachers to join and split revenue with them if they wish.


Node JS, Angular JS, RoR (backend)


Online Learning

Business Problem

We wanted to create an online learning marketplace that differed from competitors since most (all) only offered pre-recorded classes for students to pay and view whenever they wanted.

What We Did

We designed and created a 100% live class platform that facilitates the interaction between teachers and students located in different parts of the world. Students are able to go in any class and only pay for the time they are in the class. Students are able to raise their hand in the class, ask questions in real time, learn using interactive tools like a whiteboard and collaborate with class mates, all in a virtual classroom environment. Once the class is done, we capture the payment automatically from the student's credit card via Stripe. On the other hand, teachers generate extra income by planning and teaching their classes on our platform. Teachers earn the hourly rate they charge for the class for each student that joins minus a platform commission we charge. Teachers have at their disposal teaching tools that include: whiteboard, notepad, screenshare, timer, among other tools.

How We Did It

We focused mainly on giving the students a good experience in the virtual classroom. From there, we started building important features for teachers, students and organizations to have a positive learning experience in this online learning platform.

UX Design

Our designers created the UX design for the platform.

UI Design

Our designers created the UI design for the platform.

Front End

Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3

Back End

Ruby on Rails


The platform is now live and has been gradually gaining new users (both Teachers and Students). We're constantly analyzing new features to build into the platform in order to make it grow and give users a better learning experience.