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  • https://www.klasses.net/


    E-Learning Platform to teach or learn anything live! Teachers and students sign up free and students have 5min to test drive the class. Class tools include: raise your hand, timer, private lessons, whiteboard, text editor and screen sharing. Organizations can also sign up, invite teachers to join and split revenue with them if they wish.

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  • https://www.grupogerlu.com/


    Grupo Gerlu, SRL es una empresa dedicada a la importación y comercialización de diferentes productos de alta calidad soluciones de impresión fotográficas que hay en el mercado. Son distribuidores de Mitsubishi Electric  Digital que cubre gran parte de los fotógrafos, parques temáticos, Hoteles y otros sectores etc en el territorio Dominicano. También son distribuidores de su propia marca Enerpeace

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  • https://exhibeflix.com/

    Exhibe Flix

    EXHIBE FLIX is a curated online cinema that brings independent, cult, classic and award-winning movies. Every single day they present a new movie and 30 new movies are added every month. They are a distributor of independent and international productions. Cinephiles can review and share about movies, making Exhibe Flix a specialized social media channel

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  • http://pbi-photo.com/

    PBI Photo

    PbiExperience are market leaders in the photographic industry, they offer Photo Kiosk Terminal, Printers, Personalized photo gifts, supplies to print photos and more.

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  • Clubs Galore

    Clubs galore

    ClubsGalore is a company that have been in the gift-giving business since 1996 and specializes in quality gifts you can purchase on their website. They offer a variety of products like Gourmet Food, Home and Spa, Desserts, Drinks.    

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