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  • negotiationinstitute

    Latz Quiz

    Full-service negotiation organization built upon the promise to provide next generation training to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive business climate. Services: Negotiation Seminars Onsite Training Programs Bar Association Seminars Onsite Law Firm Training Programs Coaching & Consulting  

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  • Amols’ Specialty

    Amols’ Specialty

    Veteran party supply shop boasting fiesta decor & favors, theme party kits, pinatas & more. Family Owned Since 1949. Amols’ has been helping San Antonio party for over 69 years, online and physical store where you can find everything you need for your next celebration.

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  • revsumo


    Web app that allows companies through the use of email and text messages to encourage their customers to review their sites or services on Google and other review sites in order to create an impact on the reputation these companies have on internet.

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  • https://www.klasses.net/


    E-Learning Platform to teach or learn anything live! Teachers and students sign up free and students have 5min to test drive the class. Class tools include: raise your hand, timer, private lessons, whiteboard, text editor and screen sharing. Organizations can also sign up, invite teachers to join and split revenue with them if they wish.

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  • http://www.xlntbrain.com/


    XLNTbrain LLC provides the first complete sports concussion management program for teams and individuals of all levels. Based in Maryland, XLNTbrain was formed after more than 25 years of studying the physiology of the brain and resulting behaviors caused from various stimuli and trauma. The brain-child of Harry Kerasidis, M.D., one of only a few

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  • https://www.podkeeper.com/


    PodKeeper is an online group calendar and family organizer app for Teachers, Coaches, Scout Leaders & Group Organizers where you can keep track of all of your kids’ group activities. PodKeeper is also an ideal place to manage your family schedule that helps you to stay organized and engaged. A Pod can be created for an

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  • https://www.credible.com/


    Credible is an online marketplace that provides borrowers with competitive, personalized loan offers from multiple, vetted lenders in real time. Credible enables to compare the student loan refinancing products from multiple lenders you qualify for side-by-side, based on all of the criteria that are important to you, like total repayment amount, APR, repayment options, and

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  • https://www.trupointpartners.com/

    Trupoint Partners

    TRUPOINT Partners was founded in 2009 and is a regulatory compliance software and data analytics firm based in Charlotte, NC. They offer Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA, Redlining, BSA/AML and UDAAP solutions, such as data analysis including regression, geocoding, risk assessments, training and consulting services. TRUPOINT Partners helps financial institutions succeed at compliance by providing them effective, efficient insight to help

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  • http://www.mdinterconnect.com/

    Rapid Connect

    Dr. J. David Hoover set out to respond to a critical challenge that physicians face, and one that he had experienced directly; connecting the right physicians at the right time, to ensure the best possible outcome for patients. With that in mind, he co-founded MD Interconnect and developed RapidConnect, a complete communication system.

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  • https://bsidestechnolgy.com

    Digital Invoicing with Quickbooks

    Accounting firm based in Costa Rica.

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