More Than Writers

More Than Writers is one of the world’s leading platforms for writers looking to make a living from their talents. They welcome and support skilled writers from around the globe, whether they are seasoned professionals, or relative novices looking to develop their talents. They handle and assign hundreds of digital content projects every month covering a wide range of topics and publications.

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“Best Hospital Advisor” is an attractive medium for patients to find details on the best medical service providers online. Medical service providers are able to create an account and list themselves over the site with complete details. Patients are able to search for them by location, specialty, procedure and name. Patients are also able to view details about the service provider and post reviews for them, along with a 5 star rating and other surveys based on the patient’s experience.

Best Hospital Advisor promotes the dissemination of medical provider reviews. Patients can rate an institution as well as provide vital information to prospective patients as they make their own difficult healthcare decisions.

User-generated information will help prospective patients learn about a hospital they are planning to use.Users can rate the overall performance of specific providers and are able to seek out specific institutions and search for things like: quality indicators, profiles, reviews, and ratings, all provided by other users.

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Donors Unite

Donors Unite’s mission is to provide a unique, affordable and creative way for individuals, organizations and businesses to support millions of charities and local communities, with a custom charity gift card for any occasion. By including or substituting a charity gift card for material gifts, an individual or business can fund the missions of the over 1.5 million easy-to-search public charities on this website.


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Grupo Gerlu, SRL es una empresa dedicada a la importación y comercialización de diferentes productos de alta calidad soluciones de impresión fotográficas que hay en el mercado. Son distribuidores de Mitsubishi Electric  Digital que cubre gran parte de los fotógrafos, parques temáticos, Hoteles y otros sectores etc en el territorio Dominicano. También son distribuidores de su propia marca Enerpeace de bombillas de bajo consumo y LED al igual que de tóners laser para impresoras de oficinas.

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Exhibe Flix

EXHIBE FLIX is a curated online cinema that brings independent, cult, classic and award-winning movies. Every single day they present a new movie and 30 new movies are added every month. They are a distributor of independent and international productions. Cinephiles can review and share about movies, making Exhibe Flix a specialized social media channel where they can provide feedback and commentaries. Subscribers are also able to post and share to other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and share movie posters, synopsis and reviews.

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Brandmark Studios

Marketing agency dedicated to creating, planning, handling advertising and marketing for its clients and optimize the potential of their company. They offer severals services like:

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Branding & Corporate Identity
  • Advertising
  • Content creation
  • Among others

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La Rueca

Supply store that offers logistics search, pricing and delivery to meet the specific needs of their customers reducing their search time, offering an excellent price and quality.

In the governmental area, they have invested years of effort to develop contact networks with manufacturers and distributors, both nationally and internationally.

They offer products on several categories:

  • Tools
  • Medicine
  • Technology
  • Home Appliances
  • Autoparts and Oils
  • Furniture
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Concrete
  • Animals and Plants

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Castropal is a law firm that has steadfastly maintained its mission of providing international law firms and corporations with knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable legal services that meet the highest of international standards. Their clients include leading U.S., European and Asian law firms as well as large public and multi-national corporations, government institutions, universities and other private companies. Among them are several Fortune 500 Companies.

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Minted’s community of independent artists and designers are located in all 50 states and more than 60 countries. They are illustrators and textile designers, painters and packaging designers, marketers and stay-at-home moms. Some have design degrees, and others are participating in Minted competitions to learn design for the first time. They share a deep love for creative expression, personal development, risk-taking, and most importantly, paying it forward by helping each other.


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PBI Photo

PbiExperience are market leaders in the photographic industry, they offer Photo Kiosk Terminal, Printers, Personalized photo gifts, supplies to print photos and more.

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