Performance Point

Performance Point is a full service building performance contractor. They provide a range of Consulting Services such as:

HVAC design
Solar Analysis (shading, PV, and thermal)


Air Sealing
Code Compliance Testing
Wide range of other testing, inspection, and commissioning services

The leadership at Performance Point represents a wide variety of service, marketing, construction, manufacturing, and design disciplines.

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Email on Acid

When we started this company, email development was anything but easy. The internet was full of resources for web developers, but we could hardly find anything to help email developers. So we set out to create a service that would make it easy to find and fix email problems, and give developers and marketers a place to talk about email. We love email (obviously), and are dedicated to making email testing and marketing as simple as possible.

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E-Learning Platform to teach or learn anything live! Teachers and students sign up free and students have 5min to test drive the class. Class tools include: raise your hand, timer, private lessons, whiteboard, text editor and screen sharing. Organizations can also sign up, invite teachers to join and split revenue with them if they wish.

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