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If you are an internet user, then you have already seen a large number of ads within web pages, social media platforms, search engines, entertainment services, among other sites. It is obvious that the companies that promote themselves pay a cost to show their brand or product, but did you know that they also contemplate the expense that each click will generate for them?


It is at this moment where the concept of Pay Per Click or PPC services appears, whose purpose is to seek to position a brand, product or service through paid advertisements on online advertising platforms, always with the goal that said cost is optimal for the company .


Digital marketing has made available to companies various ways of making themselves known through the internet. There are various ways to publicize your offer of products and services, with PPC being one of the most effective, which has been adopted by brands of small, medium and large size.


Can PPC help me get results fast?


Pay per click achieves immediate results. You can set up a campaign and within a few hours, users will be able to see your ads and click on your website. Also, your PPC campaigns can be very specific, as you can show different ads for each keyword you decided to bid on. This makes the content displayed when searching for certain keywords highly relevant to the search query, and this relevance benefits search engine advertisers in several ways. First, improve your ranking in Google AdWords.


Some tips to have the ad well owned.


Remember that your ad ranking determines how often your advertising will be seen and where it will be ranked in Google’s payment results. It is based on the quality level of your ad and the amount of the keywords for which you are bidding. The higher the ranking of your ad, the more likely it is that Google will show it. This is because your ad is more relevant to the users who carry out the searches and therefore you will get more clicks.


Google classifies ads based on their quality level. The higher the level of your ad, the better its position and therefore its clickthrough rate. The quality score depends on the clickthrough rate of your ad since the beginning of your ad campaign and also on the quality of other ads trying to rank for the same keywords. Bidding can help you increase your starting level and also optimize your ads and landing pages. Keep in mind that the higher the quality score, the less you will have to pay for the ad ranking. Take a look below to find out how you can increase the quality of your advertising.


Be careful, you have to prioritize relevance.

Make sure your ad copy is relevant to the keywords you’re trying to rank for. For example, if you compete for the keyword “Christmas” and run an ad for a restaurant that promises a special offer on Christmas Day, you won’t get a high ranking, since the ad text is not as relevant to the “Christmas” query. “. Also, it is important to note that many other people will also bid for such a popular and required keyword.


Don’t forget the user experience once you click.

Once you’ve resolved the relevancy issue, you should also optimize the post-click experience. The web pages that users land on after selecting your ad should relate to both the ad text and your target keywords. Think of this from the perspective of the person doing a search. Isn’t it extremely annoying when you click on an ad promoting a great discount, but it takes you to the company’s home page? Users won’t take the time to browse your website to find the special offer you promoted in your PPC ad. And even if they do, that is surely not the experience they hoped to have.

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