Hiring a PPC Advertising Company

Pay per click or PPC is a type of advertising in which an advertiser pays to put their ads on a website, search engines, social networks or any digital platform. Every time a person clicks on the ad, they will go to the advertiser’s website.


This tool turns out to be a very useful direct response to obtain sales and attract new customers. The key is to generate relevant ads for the target customer segment and optimize the website for users to easily take action.


Before telling you what are the main advantages for PPC advertising companies, we remind you that this system has three forms of payment: cost per click, in which the advertiser only pays when the user clicks on the ad; cost per impression that is when the advertiser pays a fee for the number of times their ad is published and cost per acquisition, which is when the advertiser pays when the user has met the goal.


Now, let’s take a look at the main advantages of PPC advertising:


Among the great advantages of this method of promotion is that you do not spend money because someone has simply vitiated your ad. Another is that it only pays if users click on your ads. Added to this is that someone has been so interested that they have clicked on it.


In addition, you will be able to direct the advertising with enough precision to the users that are interesting for your company, being able to select the exact area in which to advertise. The choice of language, keywords and time, associated with your products or services is also freely chosen.


Your campaign is under control at all times. You know exactly how much you pay, you can set a daily budget and total spending. If you get carried away, you will spend hours and hours analyzing your campaign, the costs and the success of the different keywords.


Probably the question that arises next is about the platform with which this type of advertising can be carried out.


Well, there are search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing that have their own platform so that the advertiser can carry out their advertising through PPC campaigns.


Platforms like Alexa or Adsense allow advertising on other websites; There are also social networks like Facebook Ads that carry out advertising campaigns with PPC.


Added to this is Google Ads, which is the largest platform with PPC. Google Ads is aimed at the entire spectrum of companies and is the most used search engine in almost all the world.

Google is in charge of selecting which advertisers will appear in the results of each search based on an auction and an algorithm. It classifies the ads according to their effectiveness and relevance in relation to the term (Keyword).


Finally we can talk about some tips on how to create and optimize an advertising campaign through PPC.


A fundamental step to design this type of campaign is to use the appropriate keywords.

This is necessary to know if they are the words indicated for said advertisement. To carry it out there are tools that allow you to know what users are looking for on the Internet.

Another important part before executing the campaign is organizing the link that takes users to the page where they must take action. For example buying products.

That the landing page is optimized is very important to generate sales.





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