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Does your company want to promote their services or products online? Well, one of the best options for this to happen and in an effective way is to develop and run a campaign in some online medium or web platform through the PPC modality, so that each time a user clicks on your ad, a predetermined amount of money is charged from your account. The price paid for each user who enters your website through this advertisement is called cost per click.


The main objective is to drive qualified visits to the site that you want to promote instead of waiting for them to come organically and the purpose is to get new customers for your products or services, seeking to increase sales. The important thing is that you will only be charged when someone clicks on the ad. If it was only deployed and no results were obtained, the investment cost will be zero.

Pay per click can be used in any type of advertising campaign and the main idea of ​​this is to have an increase in sales, generate leads and promote the brand.


But then what is the real benefit of all this? The answer to that question is simple: its cost.

And why? you only pay for the actual results (when a user clicks on the ad). There are also other benefits of using PPC advertising: Some platforms such as Google Ads can locate your products directly to users who are interested or looking for those same products. PPC reveals information about the ad. The number of clicks that have been made or the impressions that have been obtained. If the campaign doesn’t work, changes can be made at real time. For companies that offer a product or service that is purchased online, it is a good marketing strategy. The conversion from click to sales is easier and more direct. You can select the geographic areas where your ads appear, and you can also choose the budget you want for each of them.


PPC campaigns are chosen by those who offer a service or product that can be purchased online; an e-commerce is an example, as the conversion of clicks to sales is very direct and easy.

Other companies can send their campaigns traffic to contact forms, obtaining information from customers interested in their products or services, and then communicate to drive sales.


How to optimize a PPC campaign?

When setting up a campaign, it is important to pay close attention to the keywords chosen: it is necessary to do some research to see if they are the right ones. This can be done, for example, through Google keyword planner, a tool that will let you know how users are searching.

It is very important to review the reports in order to learn from the errors. Perhaps the words or images used were not correct.

Of course, everything must be said. PPC is not the only internet advertising system. Here are two examples:

Cost per impression: the advertiser chooses the number of times they want their ad to appear on a page, and thereafter a price is set for every 1000 banner or ad impressions.

Cost per share: in this case, it is paid each time the user performs a more complex action than a click. For example, subscribing to a newsletter and even actually buying the advertised article.



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