NodeJS Development Services And Its Benefits

The technology for the development of general purpose applications has a name: NodeJS. This consists of a Javascript execution platform, which is known as a “runtime”, on which all types of programs can be executed.

To explain it in a simpler and more practical way, NodeJS is the Javascript language taken from the browser context. Those who bet on this creation were able to assess the power of the Javascript language and used the powerful “V8” engine (the open source Javascript engine of the Google Chrome browser) to create an execution platform with the ability to take advantage of the well-known language to undertake a great variety of projects.

With NodeJS you can, without any inconvenience, build traditional web applications, such as websites. There are even several CMS projects based on Node. However, the most common use of NodeJS is the development of web services that return data in JSON format, what we usually call a REST API. To all this, you can add that with Node we can also build multiplatform desktop applications, compatible with Windows Linux and Mac, as well as console programs. Many day-to-day developer tools are made using NodeJS, from publishers such as Atom or VSCode, to task automaters such as Gulp or asset packers such as Webpack or Rollup.

One of Node’s main characteristics, and perhaps the most striking, is that it can carry out many tasks with low resource consumption, which makes it especially interesting for the development of high concurrency services.

So, here are 7 reasons why you should use NodeJS development services.

1: It is practical and can be run on a variety of servers such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Unix.

2: It opens up a whole world of possibilities for programmers, who will be allowed to create highly scalable and innovative applications, writing codes that allow tens of thousands of simultaneous connections on a single server. So far, most server programs allow a maximum of approximately 4,000 users connected at the same time. Therefore, to increase this number, companies must add servers. This problem would disappear with the use of NodeJS since it can support tens of thousands of concurrent connections and thus decrease infrastructure costs.

3: It has great capacity to handle high traffic applications of users and events, such as Twitter where hundreds of thousands of tweets are sent every second.

4: Invite and promote the exchange between developers, who can be inspired by the solutions of other colleagues for their own work or share their achievements with them and thus generate a collaborative community.

5: Application development is much faster, applications too and therefore the user can access a better user experience. This is because NodeJS uses the Google V8 engine.

6: The fact of allowing developers to write in JavaScript both on the server side and on the client side, makes the transfer of data between these points faster and therefore reduces work times.

7: It is the best option in the market for real-time applications, such as online chats or certain games. To this we can add that NodeJS is easier to learn because of its resemblance to JavaScript.

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