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Let’s Talk About Flutter

If we talk about the evolution of programming languages, we have to talk about Flutter. This framework became a great option for creating apps for developers. In this publication we are going to remember what it is, what it is for and some tips for those who want to work with this tool.

We are talking about an open source framework that was developed by Google at the end of 2018 to create native applications easily, quickly and simply. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it generates 100% native code for each platform, with which the performance and UX is totally identical to traditional native applications.

If we talk about its advantages, we could name the following:

  • With this tool you can generate 100% native codes for each platform.
  • Flutter offers a large number of libraries for standard Android and iOS UI elements, but also works well for developing desktop web applications
  • Flutter allows you to develop a single project for all operating systems, which will help you reduce costs and production time.
  • The applications developed with what Flutter is, have the normal aspect of the applications in each system and behave as expected in all of them, without the programmers having to pay attention to the particularities of each system
  • Through this tool, you will be able to see the result in real time while you write the code

Now, if you want to be a flutter developer, here we can also give you the following tips:

In order to learn how to use Flutter from scratch, we recommend that although you do not need to know the syntax, it will nevertheless help you a lot to have taken a logic course, to organize the Widgets. We prioritize what is required to develop programming logic by playing online because logic only develops when you practice a lot.

Something else that is useful for Flutter developers is that you understand how object-oriented programming works because Flutter works fully object-oriented, even though Flutter is called widgets.

Make use of good practices

When talking about Flutter developers, the question about design patterns may arise, a design pattern can be considered a skeleton to structure the code, which will help make it scalable.

With Flutter you can make spaghetti code without realizing it, this type of code refers to having a class with more than a thousand totally unnecessary lines. This is the start for zombie projects.

Today they have design development bloc is a state management system for Flutter, recommended by Google developers, it helps in managing and accessing data from a central site in the project.

If you know other design patterns such as MVVM, MVP, MVC or others, it will be easier for you to learn it.

Design patterns are not static skeletons, also as developers you have to research and structure the code as convenient for the project.

To conclude, we remind you a little about the platforms that use Flutter. You see, for example, Flutter Google has been used to create different Google Assistant modules and the Google Home Hub user interface.

Also, there are different eCommerce providers, such as eBay, Groupon or Alibaba Group, that have used Flutter so that their web and mobile applications have a uniform look and feel.


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