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Being an expert in something requires a lot of practice, knowledge and, above all, experience. If we talk about experts in Ruby on Rails, we must first solve one of the main unknowns: Why learn about this language.

We are talking about a framework that is well known for making web applications that were used or that will continue to use sites like Twitter, SoundCloud, Airbnb, etc. Rails is the most popular web framework in the Ruby community, it’s like the queen of the dance. In Ruby you can also be the person who creates desktop applications, since it is cross-platform, you can also experiment and write mobile applications for different platforms.

Now, to talk about ruby ​​on rails experts it is vital that you know the answers to the following questions:

How long will it take to be an expert?

To start immersing yourself and understanding the world of development with Rails, you will need a few months of study. Obviously the same will vary depending on your level of familiarity with programming in general, which could help you move forward faster.

What can we build with this language?

Anything that has to do with a web application, you can do it in Rails. Just look at the giants who helped build their sites with Rails: Couchsurfing, Airbnb, KickStarter, Github, Fivver, Hulu Pixlr, Shopify, Square, ThemeForest, Zendesk, BaseCamp, just to name a few.

What kind of job can I get?

Knowing Rails at the moment is one of the most demanded skills in the United States and in the rest of the world in web application development.

Start-ups especially like this language, so you could be part of a company with great growth prospects at an early stage or you could also join a more established company such as a software house.

Why is Ruby so famous?

We are talking about a revolution in design change and also that Rails is designed with the best practices, so it naturally leads you to write amazing code.

Something very important is also that in a few hours it lets you build web applications and leave them running online. To give you an idea, the first version of Twitter was made in one day using Ruby on Rails.

And why not be an expert in JavaScript?

As a Ruby on Rails developer you are going to need to know JavaScript. It is not a prerequisite for learning Rails but it is a skill that you will need to learn developing with Rails.

As you get more immersed in the world of technology, you will realize that you need to know different techniques. We could say that fortunately, as you gain experience, learning a new language and framework becomes easier and easier..

In conclusion, we can say that Ruby as a programming language is perfect for small and medium-sized projects, while Java is ideal for larger jobs. Finally, there are other more specific differences between the two programming languages:

  • In Java you can only use {and} as block separators, while in Ruby you can use the keywords do and end, or the symbols {and}.
  • All attributes of a class are private in Ruby as a programming language. In Java, they can be private, public, or protected.
  • The list of parameters passed to a method in Ruby may or may not be delimited by parentheses. In Java, it is mandatory to use parentheses.
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