Kambda is renewed, live this new experience

-From this July 8 our website is renewed.

-With a design based on the biodiversity of Costa Rica, it will be sought to give a different experience to the user with better content consumption.


Time is always and with everyday minimalism gains followers, that is why from July 8 our users begin to live a new experience. With an inspiring mix between the entire digital development world and the tropical and animal environment of Costa Rica, Kambda is ready to provide a better and complete service.

Providing guidance and support to customers in the process of developing customized software solutions and high-quality, stable and highly scalable platforms continues and will continue to be our essence, however, with our new website, the experience will have a new impetus with more and better content that can be loaded in less time on any type of device thanks to Google’s AMP.

Emilio Acosta, CEO of Kambda, explains that what is sought with this site’s new look and feel is not limited only to give a new and better user experience, but also to offer a better information architecture with new internal pages of some of the services such as Digital Marketing.

He adds that with new digital marketing strategies being offered such as specific campaigns by sectors like web development for the medical industry, the new site will focus on the generation of new content for each service and industry and it will seek to attract more customers and users.

Migrations, architecture software, search engine marketing, mobile development, website, web app, social media marketing, SEO and web design will continue to be our main services and you can also find all the content that is available in our blog, where you can find publications relevant to the digital and development world.


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