How to Choose a Ruby on Rails Development Company?

Choosing the Right Ruby on Rails Development Company


Every Company goes, at least once in their lifetime, through the process of selecting the right partner that will help them meet a specific need. This is the case for companies in the process of choosing the right Ruby on Rails Development Company to help them build a website or application.

Finding an experienced Rails Company fit for your project might be complicated for most. The good thing is that since RoR is a highly accessible framework the number of potential partners is not as low as it could be for companies specialized in other technologies. However, this process needs to take somethings into account other than looking for clean coders or object-oriented programming, knowing tools such as Git and extensive experience with their editor of choice.

Whenever you are looking for somebody to join your team, you must also consider skills in addition to attitude. A right fight should be as invested in working their skills as remaining updated with new trends.

Finding a ROR Company

Finding the right fit can be pinned down to five loose core concepts that we will point out below. These concepts were built after considering skills, attributes and the tools that a top-notch Rails developer should have. They are also applicable if you are planning to hire a ROR development company or a ROR Developer.


Clean Code

It is not a surprise that finding people who write clean code made it to this article. This is, of course, the single most important thing to look for.


SOLID Approach to Modules

The second thing you should aim at is finding professionals who split code into smaller modules that make it easier to understand and maintain. These should follow the SOLID approach.



Object-oriented programming is the third hard skill you should look for. Find people who use this paradigm to manage and build sophisticated software which ends up helping you avoid errors if changes are made to the code.



Coders are very different from those pop culture lone-wolf references attributed to hackers. A good software developer needs to be open to working with others to get code reviewed and discuss their processes, which will likely bring new suggestions, or even ask help when required. Development is always a team effort, and you might need to add more people to a project as it grows, meaning all team members need to adapt to new working environments.


Problem Solving

Open-minded, creative, and curious professionals are crucial for any development team. Developers also need to be good at solving problems, meaning they should be great at research and analytical thinking. A good coder needs to pair the latter skills with a solid understanding of the business environment the application is being born from.


The Top 3 Tools a ROR Developers Must Master

 Taking the time to learn new tools doesn’t mean they will make you a great professional. Experience is mostly what adds value to a developer’s career, which is why it is difficult to pick just three tools that are crucial for ROR development; different experiences drive people to work with various tools. However, here are the three most developers can’t live without.


  • Git
  • Text-editor
  • RSpec



Every time you take on a new project, you need to make sure you have the right people involved. In the case of any Rails project, you need to find developers with strong SOLID principles, focus on their experience rather than the education they have, make sure they are open-minded and great at working in teams. Keep these in mind if you want to hire a developer or send us a message to get us involves. We have a great group of Ruby on Rails professionals at your request!


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