History of Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Let’s talk about PPC. We know well that it is a digital marketing and advertising strategy in which the advertising company pays every time a user clicks on its ads.

In a way, visits to a website are thus bought, instead of getting those visits organically through, for example, work on SEO positioning.

PPC advertising is often used as part of a Google Ads strategy. Basically explained, the advertiser bids in this system to obtain a position among the sponsored results of Google.

PPC services are the price that the advertiser will pay each time a user clicks on the sponsored link generated in their advertising campaigns.

The ppc is calculated according to different factors and metrics called SEM, including the maximum bid that the company is willing to offer, the competition presented by a specific keyword or keyword or the Quality Score, a measure determined by Google that establishes the quality of advertiser websites.

Now, where did online advertising come from? The answer has to do with Global Network Navigator, as it was the first to sell a click ad to a Silicon Valley company. That happened in 1993. Since then, a lot has changed.

It did not take long for the first results of this new advertising modality to begin to be seen. Even the most exotic advertisements could find their place on the internet. But it was companies that saw the biggest impact.

Until then, brands left huge amounts of money in their traditional marketing strategies, but when they realized what they could achieve through the internet, everything changed.

For example, businesses began to understand that an email message could be much more effective than any traditional advertising strategy. Also, it was much cheaper. The history of internet advertising began to revolutionize all types of communication. In fact, as early as 1995, there were about 16 million users surfing the net.

For the year 1997 the first mobile ads arrived. And between that time and 2000, more than $ 8 billion was invested in online advertising. It was also in this decade that the so-called pop-up revolution began.

One of the most decisive and important moments in the evolution of the history of Internet advertising was the birth of Adwords. Google launched its ad system and revolutionized advertising forever in 2000.

But if we talk about revolution, we must remember the one that YouTube generated from 2005. It turned out to be a tremendous opportunity for most of the brands.

What this network offered to businesses was to promote their products or services in one of the most valued media by customers: video. And all this without the need to make an investment that is too high.

Already with social networks in its rage and, as of 2012, a new era (the modern one) in the history of online advertising begins.

In conclusion we can say that everything in PPC services is a constant, an evolution that we believe can stop at any time but that always surprises us with something new and for that reason it does not stop. Until a couple of decades ago we thought it was not a solid solution or alternative to sell products, but it became the most important of all. Even more so when humanity has already verified that virtuality is more than necessary when pandemics attack.

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