Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers

How do you pick out a clean-cut ruby on rails developer? 

A bunch of recruiters will skim through CVs and select a more qualified candidate based on certifications.

So, are CVs adequate for recruiting tech employees? Many times that technique doesn’t work. Hiring ruby on rails developers requires more background checks.

A right candidate must understand writing ruby code to the core, have experience and a thorough understanding of Ruby syntax and nuances.

Our guide will reveal more tips that will help you hire a competent Ruby on Rails developer.

Verify Portfolio Not Experience

Experience is always the number one factor recruiters confirm when hiring ruby on rails developers. But does it give adequate data to decide?

Anyone can claim to have deep ruby coding experience because finding proof is difficult. A competent developer will have a robust portfolio.

If your prospective employee has a bunch of apps they have developed, then you have incredible data to rely on. They might even go to the extent of revealing their best projects and simplify the process for you.

Exploit References 

Alumni networks, professional connections and friends can help you land an incredible ruby on rails developer.

Ask out friends and contact other developers to help you find the right candidate. Using this method is cheaper and attracts more qualified and trustworthy candidates.

Practical Tests

Many self-taught developers understand ruby code to the core. Meanwhile, there are developers with elite qualifications, but they lack ruby practical knowledge.

A test can help you weed out incompetent candidates. The test involves examining whether the prospective candidates possess the skills exhibited in the CVs

Joining Forums and Attending Meetup Events

Like birds of a feather, developers will always flock together. In an event hosting developers, you can get ruby on rails developer at a snap. Other attendants are also likely to refer you to the right candidate.

Join developers, meetups, forums and ruby on rails platforms to scour for your ideal candidate.

Attending the events also allows you to assess the developers right away based on their knowledge and conversations.

Other developers will likely trust you and provide current and future connections.

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

We help you simplify the recruitment process of finding a good developer with the necessary skills to carry out your development project successfully. In addition, we offer project management services and DevOps support during the engagement to make sure you achieve and hopefully surpass your project objectives. Schedule your free consultation today!

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