Types Of Google Ads Services

Google Ads (as Google Adwords was called before) is designed for the common people, for those people who do not have deep knowledge about marketing and who need or seek to launch effective advertising campaigns on the internet.

Basically, it is about choosing a series of keywords and segmenting users based on the profile that interests us most with the aim that, when a person does a search on Google with keywords related to our website, brand, company, business , product or service we offer, our ad will appear.

Google Ads search, text ads, appear on the Google results page (SERP) differently from natural or organic results at the top, right, or bottom of the screen. They can also appear in the format of images, banners, videos or texts on web pages associated with Google, in an area called the Display Network.

Buying Google Ads services is easy and fast but it is necessary to carry out a digital marketing strategy that controls the entire process.

These are some of the types of Google Ads campaign that can be setup:

-Search Network: These are the ads that are displayed in the search results for certain keywords. These will be located as featured results at the beginning and at the end of the Search Engine Results Page and with a small notice saying “Ad”, which indicates that it is a sponsored link.

-Display: This style of campaign can be found on different websites, news pages and blogs. All of them make up the so-called Google Display Network, which reaches 90% of internet users in the world.

Google Shopping: This type of Google advertising allows you to show more complete ads about specific products on the same Google results page.

The difference with the search network is that you can include images and not just text. You can also add the price and characteristics of the product. This allows the user to quickly check the offer and determine whether they are interested or not.

Video: Buying advertising on Google can be simple, especially since several platforms have joined each other. YouTube’s alliance with Adwords has allowed access to a platform with great strength and visual impact in a simple way.

This data is worth keeping in mind: YouTube is the second platform that receives the most visits, the first is still Facebook. You Tube has more than 1,500 million active users in a month. 88% of Internet users access it.

Universal app campaign: Here the ads are mainly focused on those who have applications and want to increase their reach with this Google platform. You can promote your business idea or even your application for iOS or Android users.

After a short setup, your ad will be qualified to reach over a million people on the Google Network, including for Google Search, Google Play, Youtube, plus millions of websites and mobile apps.

Google Ads is a platform that should be considered if you have the option of having a customer acquisition channel for your online sales. Now, you have to bear in mind that this is a giant universe, but if the campaigns are well planned and executed, later on you will realize that this platform will be part of your strategy permanently.

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