What is App Development with HTML5?

Everything you need to know about App Development with HTML5


What are HTML5 Mobile Apps?


A mobile app built in HTML5 can be basically defined as a web page that is accessible with any browser being used. This means that it is not limited to the native environments of any mobile operating system, making it accessible from Windows, Android or iOS.


Benefits of HTML5 Apps


Since, at its core, HTML5 is web-based, any content available at the core of an HTML5 app can be indexed by search engines while allowing managers to quickly update it regularly. This is a great option for those businesses that are required to swiftly update their content and make it available to users. Both benefits are also leveraged by React Native App Developers, which has made it one of the most used development frameworks lately.

Since it allows apps to be seen from any operating system, HTML5 apps enjoy the benefits of cross-platform app development. Apps in HTML are adaptable not only to mobile devices, but to desktop, and tablets as well. Additionally, since HTML apps are stored in the cloud, it means that users will not have to download any files or perform updates to access the content of the app.

Another benefit of using HTML5 to build an app is that it is perfect for businesses with a low budget and time caps since it is easy to create, it’s less time-consuming, and it works for every environment.  Since HTML5 apps are accessed through a browser, it means businesses do not need to design a different product for each device type, neither having to push the app through the App Store or Google Play.


Disadvantages of an HTML5 App


However, creating an app in HTML5 is not perfect. Most HTML5 apps are limited to an internet connection, some, if not all, of their features, might be affected negatively if connectivity is lost. And, even with continuous internet connection, HTML5 apps might run somewhat slower than native apps.

HTML5 app building is not suggested for those businesses that require apps that use mobile device features like sensors or low latency.  These apps might also be vulnerable to code injection attempts.


Hybrid HTML5 Mobile Apps


There is another way of using HTML5 to build an app; you can build a hybrid mobile app. These types of apps use a container program or wrapper written in an operating system’s native code to deliver the content created in HTML5.




Building an app in HTML5 makes sense for certain types of apps. If you want a way of easily updating an app, that provides swift, wide-spread access to users with all types of devices, this might be the right option for you. Send us a message if you want us to help you find the best technology for your product. Use our contact page or the chat below!





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