Benefits of nearshore software development outsourcing

Today’s technology is getting smarter every day. Businesses have to worry about many things they didn’t have to worry about before. Since a digital presence is a must for almost every person and business, it became a priority to keep track, organize and facilitate any digital efforts.

With this in mind, a company that is flexible and able to be on top of every trend comes to the forefront as an organizational need. This applies particularly to software development, which is in a constant state of evolution and re-discovery. In addition, we can say that it is mandatory for a company to be working with cutting edge technology in this day and age.

Due to the above, it is time to take something into consideration. Do you feel comfortable as a company and trust that you have the adequate expertise to plan and execute a new software development project within a reasonable timing and cost efficient way?

We can call outsourcing the art of delegate.

Delegating becomes a challenging task when there is not enough confidence in the team. A lack of trust could play a monumental negative role on the entire development of software or an app. If you manage to excel in this task and make assertive decisions, outsourcing will help you:

  1. Reduce fixed costs
  2. Speed up or scale your development team
  3. Easy access to skilled developers

The reduction of fixed costs

You probably know from your own experience that hiring a new employee is a lengthy and time consuming process. Based on research from a senior lecturer from the MIT, a new in-house developer could cost 2.7 x the base salary.

If you think about the recruitment process, you have to consider tasks such as building a list of contacts, reach out to each of them, schedule interviews and technical assessments. Also, after concluding the above you have to cover employee’s taxes, benefits, equipment and more. Software development outsourcing will not only save you time and money, it will also facilitate the hiring process while reducing hiring mistakes.

Speed up or scale your development team

One of the many factors of success in software or app development is time. Outsourcing is an on-demand service, it takes time but is way faster than establishing a new team. The possibilities of adding or switching developers (Front-end, back-end) for a project would be much easier with an external development outsourcing company. Think about all the possible opportunities when considering whether to go for an in-house developer or hire an external partner.

Easy access to skilled developers

One of the many pros about development outsourcing is that team members don’t have to be working at the same place; you might find a really talented person working in Australia, another in Canada, UK or any other country around the world. The only thing you really have to be concerned about is to choose the right external partner to ensure quality and proper timing. The remaining responsibilities will be taken by the external partner. This way you won’t be distracted from the core of your business.

To wrap this up, nearshore software development outsourcing is a great option for any company since it empowers them to accomplish bigger and more complex projects with less resources in less time.

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