Basics of PHP and the Importance of Hiring a PHP Developer

Let’s get to the basics before getting into the subject: what it is and what it is for. PHP is a very popular open source language, suitable for web development and can be embedded in HTML. It is popular because a large number of web pages and portals are built with PHP. Open source means that it is free to use and free for all programmers who want to use it.

PHP is used to generate dynamic web pages. Remember that we call a static page the one whose contents always remain the same, while we call dynamic pages those whose content is not always the same. For example, the contents may change based on changes in a database, searches or user contributions, etc.

How does PHP work? The PHP language is processed on servers, which are powerful computers with special software and hardware.

About php developer.

A PHP programmer develops websites, programs, applications based on the PHP programming language. Apart from this, you must also troubleshoot and maintain developed systems.

The PHP programmer works by programming web pages and applications directly in his company or for clients.

His activities include the creation of PHP scripts, the design of the project structure, as well as the creation of logic in the application that allows querying the database and receiving ordered data.

Troubleshooting and maintenance of developed programs should also be included. We will see all this below.

What tasks does a PHP programmer perform?

After having read what a PHP programmer is in the previous paragraphs, you have surely already had an idea of ​​what their tasks are. The most common functions are:

  • Design the architecture of applications or web pages
  • Solve errors or problems that arise in the execution of applications or webs
  • Solution data model design
  • Implementation and support of solutions
  • Management of incidents and evolving requirements of the system
  • Implement updates to applications and webs
  • Check the code used
  • Define the appropriate engineering processes to promote rapid and efficient development
  • Ensure efficient, reusable and maintainable code creation

Therefore, it is recommended that PHP developers have extensive knowledge of computers and computer systems, be thorough and detailed, and have the ability to work both independently and in a team.

The PHP programmer needs to have great analytical skills and be creative. Like any programmer with sufficient experience in other languages, you must be good at not only solving problems, you must also have the ability to think critically.

Also, to be able to complete all the functions detailed above, they need a good technical background with computer skills.

Depending on the company, you can go looking for another experience in something in particular, but this list of skills and knowledge is valid for all PHP programmers.

Apart from knowing the main characteristics of a PHP developer, their needs and part of their work, on the language as such, we can conclude that it is a powerful language, widely used and of great interest for web development.

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