3 Social Media Tips that can improve your B2B Marketing

B2B (business to business) marketing becomes increasingly more relevant as more companies and professionals realize the full potential that their social media presence can gain in the medium and long term. Especially contributing decisively to achieving business goals, mainly sales.

Custom web development is important but you can complement your B2B marketing strategy with different digital channels like custom SEO, PPC campaigns, email marketing, content marketing and, of course, Social Media Marketing.

Choose Social Networks Wisely

Creating a social media profile and not using it is counterproductive as it gives a sense of abandonment. It almost seems that the company has been closed for business. That is why it is very important to acknowledge your resources and choose well where to invest them. In the end, knowing your client or buyer in depth will give you the key.

You might now be thinking: what social networks are the most suitable for a B2B marketing strategy? Undoubtedly, the one that always comes to mind is LinkedIn.

Take Advantage of business opportunities

What’s most difficult is not to generate a community through your Social Media channels, it is to transform all those followers into potential customers. Being that, B2B companies find better opportunities in LinkedIn and as the professional social network that it is, it knows perfectly the importance of transforming contacts into customers. This is why it offers us different business outreach tools and is always encouraging networking among professionals.

Link to your web page

Whenever publishing your own content on social media, you must link to your website especially if the source of your post’s content is available there with more detail. It is no longer a secret that a good Social Media presence helps SEO: Search engines like Google always talk about “social signals” (likes, shares and comments).

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