Sealing Agents

Sealing Agents Waterproofing, Inc. was founded in 1996. Over the years, they have grown into a multi-state operation. Providing many services relating to a structure’s foundation and moisture control. Leaders in the construction industry who provide expert, turnkey solutions aimed at preventing the damaging effects of water… because a dry house is the beginning of a healthy home.

Charlotte, NC
Greensboro/Triad, NC
Raleigh/Triangle, NC
Asheville/Mountain Region, NC
Greenville, SC
Atlanta, GA


NodeJS, postgres, express, sequelize, Typescript, Angular2, Bootstrap 4, Webpack



Business Problem

The client needed a system migration since the old one was slow and inefficient.

What We Did

We developed a Web app doing a code migration from ASP.NET to Node.JS and Angular.JS. System enhancements to work orders creation, invoices and schedule.


The upgraded system we're creating will replace their old system.